About Us

Company Description:

When it comes to our families, health is important. Eating natural foods provides nutrient rich, vitamin filled calories to fortify our diets the way Mother Nature intended.

For most people, the majority of proteins consumed daily is comprised of meat, fish and poultry. Most processed meats- namely chicken, beef, and turkey- contain little to no nutrient value, due to the poor quality feed they are given. The birds peck on feed which is sprayed with insecticides, greatly diminishing the health factor by a whopping percentage. They are fed diets consisting of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) grains, and given antibiotics via the feed to limit the strains of disease. The poor breeding environments which commercial farms operate are harbingers for viruses to spread in enclosed facilities with little to no ventilation.

‘At Wise Organic Pastures, we specialize in free range, organically raised chicken, tended to by our experienced farming teams. Our chickens are antibiotic free, hormone free, and raised on a fully organic, chemical free diet. Once you try it, your palate will sense the “Wise difference”. Our poultry line is also one of the only ‘kosher’ organic selections you will find.’

Kosher chicken production involves meticulous procedures, and when coupled with the natural environment our pastures offer, our customers are guaranteed the purest poultry time and again.

In addition, in sync with the natural rhythms of the land, our company’s promise to you is to provide the healthiest meats of the finest quality the earth has to offer. Of hearth and home, the intimate experience in enjoying a meal from harvest to table can be yours. Our growers harvest the feed, tend to the livestock, and monitor the stringent organic standards, so that your family can reap the goodness.

So if you’re roasting, basting, or firing the grill, always rely on Wise for the perfect blend of Healthy and Hearty!

It’s your body. Treat it ‘Wise’ly….

Mission Statement:

Driven by 3 imperative goals, the Wise advantage remains to revolutionize the poultry consumption for Kosher keeping consumers. We aim to provide:

  • Healthier: antibiotic free, pesticide/herbicide free, GMO free FEED.
  • Tastier: soybeen feed infusing flavor and texture in the chicken flesh.
  • Environmentally inclined: free range- with access to pastures, pure environment, natural procedures.

Meet the Founder:

About UsThey say commodity breeds creativity, and desperation causes apparition. Simply put, necessity is the mother of invention.

In my situation, mothering my large brood of 11 children back in 1992, the economic slump left our family bereft of a breadwinner. My husband was laid off, and we were left with mouths to feed, quite literally. During a telemarketing stint, I encountered a Natural Chicken supplier who needed a sales advocate. Upon further research, I was appalled at the knowledge my family, and community at large, was depleted of, when it came to our family’s health. We were simply- unaware.

I vowed to make a difference, and thus began planting the seeds which are now known as Wise Organic Pastures, filling the initial orders in my sparse Brooklyn kitchen. I researched, sourced, and improved the process, time and again. Nothing but the very best would do, when my family’s health was at stake.

Years later, I can proudly attest to the satisfied clients and healthier varieties which Wise has been able to provide to the Kosher communities the world over. There’s the taste differentiation, associated by the soybean enriched feed we provide our chickens with. We also pride ourselves in the gluten free feed our chickens are given, which renders the meat gluten free. The purity of a natural environment, easy access to pastures, and pesticide free feed, are directly affecting the end product to guarantee a healthier alternative to commodity chicken providers. Another key factor which moms have become privy to, is that our poultry is antibiotic free. Being introduced to standard chicken products, children build a resistance to antibiotics at large. The trace amounts of the drugs fed to the eggs/ chickens, are transferred to the bloodstream during consumption. This infiltration in the human gastric system leads to an immunity to the antibiotics, so that larger doses and newer antibiotic regimens are necessary when treating humans.

Information is key when it comes to protecting our children, and ourselves. I thank you for choosing Wise, and your family will thank you too.

From my dinner table to yours.

Bon Appetite,


Meet the Farmers

All WISE ORGANIC PASTURES chicken is raised by a group of ten small family farms nestled in the verdant, sun-drenched valleys of the Appalachian foothills in rural Pennsylvania. To the east is the Susquehanna River. To the west is state forest. And underfoot are green Timothy and orchard grasses, blanketing the landscape of rolling hills.

Each day, the chickens have their choice: roam around the spacious, temperature-controlled, highly ventilated chicken house (where 100% of the air is exchanged every 60 seconds). Or wander the green pastures that lie outside the chicken house door. It’s a good life for a chicken.

Billy Robinson is a lifetime farmer and the liaison between the farming collective and WISE ORGANIC PASTURES. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a farmer,” he says. “I just like being closer to the land and closer to the animals.”


Why Does Kosher Chicken Taste Better?
Kosher standards mandate that all chicken go through a salt brine bath prior to eating, which removes the bitter elements in the bird and keeps the meat moist and tender. The result is a better-tasting chicken even non-Jews notice!